Universal Testing Systems

The section for Universal Testing Machines consists of detecting the deformations of various materials such as concrete, cement, metal, rock, asphalt, soil, etc. You will find sufficient types of Electromechanical & Hydraulic Testing equipment that conform to various standards as well as accessories such as grips, fixtures and load cells.


Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Product code


Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, 600 kN


Frame for 600 kN Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine


Hydraulic Grips Jaw Faces Set for Round Specimens


Hydraulic Grips Jaw Faces Set for Flat Specimens


Extensometer for Universal Testing Machine, 50 mm Gauge Length (Accuracy 0.001 mm)



EN ISO 15630-1, EN ISO 6892-1


UTM-4000.FPR Universal Hydraulic Tensile Test Machine is designed to test the ferrous materials for structural values such as yield strength and tensile strength. Apart from tensile tests, Universal Test Machines can also be used for compression tests  up to the capacity of the machine.

Maximum security is maintained on 600kN capacity Universal Test Machine by limit switch on the lower grip and piston as well as the safety check valves on the hydraulic system. Hydraulic power unit works silently.

0-30 mm flat and 8-32 mm round samples can be tested with a user friendly hydraulic jaws that comply with standards.

Load cell is used for load measurements. Strain measurement is done by the electronic displacement transducer built in the machine if required external extensometer fitted to the specimen also can be used for strain measurement. Strain measurements can be done directly from the extensometer fitted to the specimen.

Tests can be done fully automatic by digital control unit or computer. Machine complete the test with the set pace rate and turns to start position automatically.

UTM-4000.FPR Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine, features two test spaces for tension tests and compression tests. User can quickly change between tension and compression testing without having to remove heavy fixtures. This flexible design also helps to ensure safety, reduces operator effort and improves productivity.

The distance between the grips can be set by motor driven hand set system. With open front hydraulic wedge grips user can load specimen easily.


The control unit unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells and pressure transducers which are fitted to the machine.All the operations of U-Touch PRO is controlled from the front panel touch screen display.

U-Touch PRO Control Unithas easy to use menu options. It displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option in a seemless manner to activate the option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters. Digital graphic display is able to draw real-time “Load vs. Time”, or “Stress vs. Time” graphics

  • Automatically calculates % strain, breaking point, stress.  
  • Automatically calculates yield point and calculated diameter      
  • Closed loop control with automatic test procedure
  • Can control 2 frames, by using selector valve and selectimg channel
  • Stand-Alone control or computer control
  • Also two additional channel inputs for displacement measurement (Activated only by the Utest technical service)
  • Multi-Point calibration function for the channels.
  • Programmable digital gain adjustment for load voltage and current transmitters
  • Real time numeric display of load and load pressure with test graph.
  • 3 different unit system selection; kN, kgf and lb
  • Ethernet port to connect to a PC or network.
  • Optionally supplied-integrated thermal printer (If requested, must be specified in the order)



Hydraulically operated grips completely stop the possibility of sample sliding from the grips enabling for correct and definite strain measurements. Hydraulic grips are very safe and user friendly. Hydraulic grips come with grip sets for pulling 8 – 32 mm diameter cylinder samples. The hydraulic grips has an independent hydraulic power unit with a working pressure of 400 bars. Jaw faces for flat samples (UTM-4004) should be ordered separately.



Different types of extensometers with accuracy of ±0.1% of indicated value are available depending on requirements. Extensometer can directly measure deformation of specimens by quartz-pole. It either measures separately thermal expansion strain of specimens or eliminate thermal expansion to avoid effecting deformation of specimen.


Data Acquisition & PC Software (USOFT-4000.FPR)

The Universal Testing machine can be controlled (Start, Stop commands) by a computer with the software (given free of charge by UTEST). This software provides data acquisition and management for compression, tensile and splitting tensile test throughout the test execution. The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information. Therefore, test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as client details, test type, specimen type, user info and other information required can be entered and printed out as well as test report and graph.




EN 15630-1 and EN ISO 6892-1

Tensile Test of Reinforcing Ribbbed Steel Bars

EN ISO 6892-1

Tensile Test of Metallic Materials


Universal Test Software is developed for testing tensile strength of Reinforcing Rubbed Steel Bars  and Welded fabric for the Reinforcement and Prestressing of Concrete. The software includes control of machine, data acquisition, saving them and preparing reports. The user can prepare his own report and also can send the results to Microsoft Excel environment. The software accepts sample’s weigth, length, diameter and gauge length as input, and then the user can give start test command to the machine. The samples calculated diameter gives user a perspective about the density of rebar prior to the test. The software continously updates load,stress and elongation percentage till the break point. When the test is completed the yield point is calculated and indicated on the graph. Each report is a group of 42 samples where 14 different diameters had been entered. The software is prepared as making at least 3 samples for each diameter. This gives user a total report about all the batch.The report includes all standart limits and one can easily check whether the sample can be acceptable. These limits are minimum yield, minimum tensile, minimum break elongation value,Tensile per yield ratio etc. The user can zoom on the graph for further inspection Break elongation value can be syncronized with the manual  measurement after the test has been completed for the users that do not use extensometer.


  • Foreign Language Support and Customizable User Interface All contents of experimental data and additional information can be organized by user. Software can be performed in x different languages.
  • Capability to Save 24 test results of different specimens in one  test folder Test results, graphics and properties of 24 different specimens can be saved in one folder. Old test folders can be reviewed and be edited easily. Advanced Graphic User Interface Software.
  • Graphical data on the screen is refreshed simultaneously during test procedure Load values can be monitored in high resolution graphics at every 100 milliseconds. User can highlight all 24 different specimen curves or preferred ones in different colors on the graphics. Zooming in–out and dragging can be done easily by mouse. Peak values of curves can be marked on the graphics and user can get load value of any point on the graph via high resolution.
  • Able to save frequently used texts in memory and recall them when necessary Frequently used information like name and location of the laboratory, type and dimensions of mostly used specimens are held in memory and can be written automatically by right clicking on information boxes and selecting frequently used text in menu.
  • Capable to Access and use previously done test data User can access any data of previously completed tests and use in his/ her new report since most of the tests have same structure and properties.
  • Able to edit test parameters of the testing equipment through Software All test parameters supported by testing equipment can be changed remotely via software. All test parameters specified by user are downloaded to the device before initialing the test procedure. By this way predefined device parameters will not cause errors in test results.
  • Graphical outputs and reports can be saved as a MS Excel worksheet Test result parameters and graphics are transferred to MS Excel worksheet properly to give user a chance to edit any data and graph easily.
  • Maximum Flexibility to edit report and graph templates User can design his/her custom report template and graphic scheme in MS Excel. In software part, user will define which data will be screened in which cell on the worksheet. Therefore , he/she will be able to monitor test results in his/her specific design.




600 kN

Test Speed

2mm/min – 25mm/min

Load Measurement Accuracy

± %1

Displacement Measurement Resolution

0,01 mm

Columns Diameter


70 mm


70 mm

Vertical Test Distance


Minimum 40 mm

Maximum  320 mm


Maximum 110 mm

Distance Between Columns

450 mm

Piston Stroke

150 mm

Max Pressure


350 bar



200 bar


1850 kg



2700 mm

At the maximum stroke

2850 mm


Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester

Product code


Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester, 150 Joules


Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester, 300 Joules


Motorized Pendulum Impact Tester, 450 Joules


Charpy Impact Striker (2 mm Radius), ISO


Charpy Impact Striker (8 mm Radius), ASTM


Izod İmpact striker, ASTM


ASTM E 23; EN ISO 148, GOST 9454; AS 1544; JIS Z 2242,B 7722


Impact test determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. This absorbed energy is a measure of a given material’s toughness and acts as a tool to study temperature-dependent nature of brittle-ductile transition

UTCI series motorized pendulum impact testers are fully automated and high performance devices which are ideal for testing metals according to Charpy and Izod standards up to capacities of 450J.

U-type pendulums are suspended on a sturdy steel pedestal which is designed to be attached to a concrete base or a strong floor. Pendulum is driven by an electric motor and an electromagnetic clutch system. The fall of the pendulum is initiated with a latch mechanism so that the fall is sudden and unaffected from any friction losses.

After the test, the pendulum is automatically captured and returned to the starting position. Angle, therefore position readings of the pendulum are done by a rotary encoder and the data is processed by a colored touch screen control unit to display absorbed energy values.

Utest impact testers can run with both user command and door triggered modes and in both modes the automation of the device together with the safety cabin is designed to prevent any unforeseen accidents and user injuries. Door triggered testing mode enables the fast and continuous testing for temperature sensitive tests and user command mode provides for more control for the operator.

Heat treated anvils and the striker are replaceable for both to be changed because wear caused by the long term use and to allow 8 mm radius striker to be mounted on the pendulum.

Typical field of use: Universities, laboratories of the institutions, automotive and aero companies, R&D Labs, steel manufacturers, etc.

Referance Specimen Sets for Indirect Verification are certified by DAkkS and include 5 identical specimens.. The Testing Machines are supplied complete with safety cabin, izod striker (UTCI-0558), charpy impact strikers (with an 2 mm radius and 4 mm radius) and a tongs for centering charpy specimens (UTCI-0557).



  • Available capacities for Charpy and Izod testing are: 150J, 300J, 450J
  • Fast response electromagnetic clutch mechanism.
  • Ergonomic use of control unit and cabin door.
  • Clearance between supports of 40 mm,
  • Nominal fall angle is 150 degree,
  • Suitable for specimens of 10 x 10 x 55 mm
  • Cabin door sensitive automatic testing mode that enables the fast and continuous testing and manual mode for more control for the operator.
  • Highly senstive encoder to take the angle readings for every position of the hammer and to capture the very peak point of the rise angle.
  • Direct verification menu to verify the losses and calculate the error as described in the standards (air resistance, bearing resistance, etc.).



  • ASTM E23 Standard Test Methods for Notched Bar Impact Testing of Metallic Materials
  • EN ISO 148 Metallic Materials – Charpy Pendulum Impact Test
  • Fixtures/strikers are available for each test standard


Max. Absorbed Impact Energy (J)


Raised Angle

≈ 150°

Max. Impact Speed (m/s)


Standard span (mm)


Size of specimen (mm)

10 x 10 x 55

Power supply

1phs, 220V, 60Hz

Overall Dimensions

2200x950x2100 mm 

Weight ( approx. )

≈ 800 kg


Main Accessories

  • Safety cabin
  • Charpy impact strikers (with an 2 mm radius and 4 mm radius) 
  • izod striker (UTCI-0558),
  • A tongs for centering charpy specimens (UTCI-0557)
  • Anchor bolts (M22x300mm): 4 pcs


Optional Accessories

  • Notch Cutter for impact specimen



Product Code


Manuel Notch Cutter Supplied with U or V type a notch knifes


Hydraulic Notch Cutter for impact specimens. Supplied with U and V type notch knifes


U Type Notch Knife for UTCI-0500 and UTCI-0520.


V Type Notch Knife for UTCI-0500 and UTCI-0520.


Manual / Hydraulic Notch Cutter is specially designed for specimen preparation of impact specimens. Both manual type and hydraulic type are available to cut the notch according to the ‘V’ ASTM E23, ISO148 standards, the machine also features in high precision, long life, low noise and concise appearance.

UTCI-0500 Manuel Notch Cutter for Impact Specimen is supplied complete with V Type or U Type Notch Knife. The second type knife should be ordered seperately separately.



Notch Type 

V type: 2 mm or U type: 2 mm

Size of Specimen 

10×10 (7.5 or 5) x 55mm

Travel of Cutting Knife

340 mm

Cutting Speed 

2.5 m/min


600x500x1200 mm


100/200 kg

Multiplex Machine with Servo Motor and BC100 TFT Graphics Data Acquisition and Control System, 50 kN

Product code

UTM-0108.SMPR Multiplex Machine with Servo Motor and BC100 TFT Graphics Data Acquisition and Control System, 50 kN
UTM-8516 Compression Platens, used to perform uniaxial and unconfined compression tests
UTS-0870 CBR Penetration piston, used to perform CBR tests
UTAS-1057 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron, for 4” (101,6 mm) Marshall Samples
UTAS-1058 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron, for 6” (152,4 mm) Marshall Samples
UTGM-1180 Load Cell, 5 kN



Multiplex Machine is used to make Uniaxial, CBR and Marshall Tests. 50 kN capacity Multiplex Machine is equipped with a servo motor and BC100 TFT graphics data acquisition and control system. Suitable for CBR, Marshall, Triaxial and Uniaxial Tests and similar tests with appropriate accessories. The machine is also capable of doing load controlled tests. UTM-0108 Multiplex Machine is composed by a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper cross beam.

Test accessories should be ordered separately according to the test

Multiplex Machine is supplied complete with;

  • Load Cell, 50 kN
  • Displacement Transducer, 25×0,001 mm
Capacity 50 kN
Dimensions 550x700x1200 mm
Weight (approx.) 102 kg

To Perform Uniaxial Test

UTM-0115 Compression Platens, used to perform uniaxial and unconfined compression tests. Supplied complete with ball seating assembly.


Typical configuration of system for triaxial tests (UU-CU-CD)
Product Code Description UU UU-CU-CD
UTM-0108.SMPR Multiplex Universal Electromechanic Test Machine* 1 1
UTGM-1180 Load Cell 5 k N, S Type 1 1
UTGM-1190 Load Cell 10 kN, Pancake Type** 1 1
UTS-2400 Triaxial Cell*** 1 1
UTS-2401 Triaxial Cell*** 1 1
UTS-2405 Block with One Connection Line for Triaxial Test Cells 1 3
UTGM-1420 Pressure Transducer 1 3
UTS-2408 Oil and Water Constant Pressure System 1 2
UTS-2415 Automatic Volume Change Unit 1
UTCU-0320 Interface Unit with 4 Channel  for Data Acquisition 1
USOFT-2419 Software to Perform UU Triaxial Tests 1 1
USOFT-2420 Software to Perform CU-CD Triaxial Tests 1

UTS-1330 and


De-Airing Water Tank, 7 L. and Hose 1 1

* Supplied complete with UTGM-1210 50 kN Load Cell, UTGM-0064 50 mm linear potentiometric transducer with holder (UTM-0114 and UTAS-1060) and lower compression platen.

** May be need for 70-100 mm dia. samples with high strength.

.*** Choose the suitable cell for the specimen size (UTS-2400: 38-50 mm dia. samples / UTS-2401: 70-100 mm dia. samples). For cell and cell accessories see “Triaxial Cells, Cell Accesories and Sample Preparation” page.

Optional Apparatus which should be ordered seperately for de-airing water see the page of De-Airing Water Systems”.


To Perform Marshall Tests


Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron, for 4” (101,6 mm) Marshall Samples


Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron, for 6” (152,4 mm) Marshall Samples

  Adaptor for Breaking Head

To Perform CBR Tests

UTS-0870 CBR Penetration piston, used to perform CBR tests
BC 100 Unit TFT Graphic Display Data Acquisition and Control Unit

BC100 TFT Graphic Display Data Acquisition and Control Unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers  which are fitted to the machine.

All the operations of BC100 are controlled from the front panel consisting of a 800×480 pixel 65535 color resistive touch screen display and function keys. 4 analogue channels (it would be simultaneous  or not depending on the application at the factory) are provided for load-cells, pressure transducers or displacement transducers.

BC100 has easy to use menu options. It displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option in a seemless manner to activate the option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters. The BC100 digital graphic display is able to draw real-time “Load vs. Time”, “Load vs. Displacement” or “Stress vs. Time” graphics.

BC100 unit offers many addition unique features. You can save more than 10000 test results in its internal memory. BC100 unit has support for various off-the-shelf USB printers, supporting both inkjet and laser printers. Thanks to its built-in internet protocol suite, every aspect of BC100 device can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the world.

  • Calibration Range Class 1 from 2% of the full capacity
  • Maximum piston travel 80 mm
  • Distance between columns 260 mm

Main Features

  • Can make test with displacement or load control

When the machine used for CBR Test

  • Calculates corrected CBR value at 2.5 and 5 mm the digital unit saves the load value at user defined displacement values such 0.625, 1.25, 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 mm
  • The load corresponds to the displacements corrected respect to the linear region of the data has also saved
  • The % CBR at 2.5 mm and % CBR at 5 mm is also automaticallycalculated and saved

When the machine used for Marshall  Test

  • Automatically calculates flow and stability values.

When the machine used for Triaxial Test

  • It shows stress value corrected respect to the displacement sensor.

When the machine used for Load Conrol Type Tests different type of specimens

  • The stress is shown.
  • Real time display of test graph.
  • CPU card with 32-bit ARM RISC architecture
  • Permanent storage capacity up to 10000 test results
  • 4 analog channels (it would be simultaneous or not depending on the application at the factory) for one analog channel for high capacity load cell, one analog channel for displacement transducer, one analog channel for low capacity load cell and one analog channel for pressure transducer for oil-water constant pressure unit
  • Programmable digital gain adjustment for load-cell, pressure transducers, strain-gauge based sensors, potentiometric sensors, voltage and current transmitters
  • 1/256000 points resolution per channel
  • 10 data per second sample rate for each channel
  • Ethernet connecting for computer interface
  • 800×480 resolution 65535 color TFT-LCD industrial touchscreen
  • 4 main function keys
  • Multi-language support
  • 3 different unit system selection; kN, Ton and Lb
  • Real-time clock and date
  • Test result visualization and memory management interface
  • Remote connection through ethernet
  • USB flash disc for importing test results and for firmware
  • USB printer support for inkjet and laser printers (ask for compatible models)
  • Camera support for real-time video recording during test (ask for compatible models)
  • Free of charge PC software for the test control and advanced report generation

All UTEST softwares including Marshall, CBR, Triaxial (UU,CU,CD), Uniaxial etc. can be used with multiplex machines.