Some testing equipment is used widely in all laboratories, but they are not included in main application area. Some of this general equipment is used as a part of other testing devices. Sieves, measuring instruments, glassware, plastic ware, hardware, coring machines, water baths, compressors, vacuum pumps, etc. are included in the general category.

Load Cells & Load Rings

Product code


Load Cell 300 N Capacity, S Type


Load Cell 1 kN Capacity, S Type


Load Cell 2 kN Capacity, S Type


Load Cell 5 kN Capacity, S Type


Load Cell 10 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 20 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 50 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 100 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 300 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 600 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Cell 1000 kN Capacity, Pancake Type


Load Ring 1 kN Capacity


Load Ring 5 kN Capacity


Load Ring 10 kN Capacity


Load Ring 50 kN Capacity


Pressure Transducer, 2000 kPa


Pressure Transducer, 600 bar, 0-100 mV


A load cell is a transducer which is used to convert the appliedforce to electric signal. UTEST supplies high quality strain gaugeload cells which provide accurate electrical signal proportional tothe applied load. Load cells with different types and capacities and load ring with different capacity are available.

Load Rings are used with testing machines to measure theapplied load. UTEST Load Rings are supplied complete with 0.001mm resolution digital dial gauges.

Temperature Measurement

Product code


Digital Thermometer Immersion Type -50°C to +300°C


Digital Max-Min Thermometer -40 to +50°C


Digital Thermo-Hygrometer,

Max-Min Thermometer


Digital Laser Thermometer

-50°C to +650°C

UTGT-1300 Glass Thermometer Max. 60°C
UTGT-1305 Glass Thermometer Max. 110°C
UTGT-1310 Glass Thermometer Max. 160°C
UTGT-1315 Glass Thermometer Max. 250°C
UTGT-1320 Glass Thermometer Max. 310°C
UTGT-1325 Glass Thermometer Max. 360°C
UTGT-1330 Glass Thermometer Max. 400°C

Hand Type Digital Thermometer,

-50°C to 1350°C


Temperature Datalogger, 4 Channel Digital Display


Connector, Type: OMTS-K-E for UTGT-1350


Cable, Type: E-0,5 T2KTTEA.

Meter for UTGT-1350


200 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Tempereture Mesurement


300 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Tempereture Mesurement


500 mm Penetration Probe for Asphalt Tempereture Mesurement


UTEST supplies high quality digital and glass thermometers for various applications in the construction industry.

UTGT-1350, UTGT-1352, UTGT-1355 ve UTGT-1360 are used for monotoring of temperature development of mass concrete. The number of measurement points for connectors and the cable length needed for each measurement point should be indicated. The products should be ordered seperately.

UTGT-1352 4 Channel Digital Display Temperature Datalogger is an alternative to UTGT-1350 and can record continuously in the time interval selected by the user. The datalogger has -195˚C to +1000˚C temp. measurement range for K Type sensors, 1s – 24h data record range and 2 million data recording capacity. Battery operated data logger is supplied comğplete with acceessories such as cable for connecting to PC, software, SD card (for collecting the measurement).

Digital thermometer and penetration probes are used together for measuring the delivery and compaction temperatures of bituminous mixtures. Preffered penetration probe should be ordered with UTGT- 1350.


Glass Thermometers                          UTGT-1230                                  UTGT-1240


UTGT-1250                                  UTGT-1352                                UTGT-1350


Product Code Dimensions Weight (approx.) Product Code Dimensions Weight (approx.)
UTGT-1205 150x150x150 mm 0.2 kg UTGT-1325 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg
UTGT-1230 150x150x150 mm 0.2 kg UTGT-1330 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg
UTGT-1240 150x150x150 mm 0.2 kg UTGT-1350 150x80x40 mm 0.3 kg
UTGT-1250 100x100x100 mm 0.2 kg UTGT-1352 150x80x40 mm 0.3 kg
UTGT-1300 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg UTGT-1355 20x10x5 mm 0.01 kg
UTGT-1305 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg UTGT-1360 100x100x5 mm 0.01 kg
UTGT-1310 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg UTGT-1370 350x50x30 mm 0.5 kg
UTGT-1315 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg UTGT-1371 400x50x30 mm 0.5 kg
UTGT-1320 30x30x300 mm 0.1 kg UTGT-1372 650x50x30 mm 0.6 kg

Vacuum Pumps

Product code

UTGE-3505 Vacuum Pump 51 L/min Capacity 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTGE-3510 Vacuum Pump 100 L/min Capacity 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTGE-3530  Vacuum Pump Dual Stage 128 L/min Capacity 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
UTGE-3550 Vacuum Gauge Analog, – 760 mm Hg 20 mmHg graduated Ø63 mm
UTGE-3552 Vacuum Gauge, Analog, -100 kPa, 1 kPa graduated, dia: 63 mm
UTGE-3554 Digital Vacuum and Preesure  Gauge (-1..30 bar)
UTGE-3570 Air Drying Unit/ Water Trap, Vacuum Type
UTGE-3572 Air Drying Unit, for UTAS-0340.
UTGE-3590 Water Trompe/Aspirator Filter Pumps for Vacuum Filtration with Anolog Manometer, Metal


UTEST supplies high quality single and dual stage vacuum pumps for providing the vacuum power which is required for various applications in material testing.

  • Two stage rotary-vane design improves the ultimate vacuum and pump speed and reduces the evacuation time.
  • The integrated pump body design ensures the reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Built-in oil pump cycling design forced-lubricates the pump chamber and sliding bearing and ensures its lubrication and seal.
  • Anti-Suckback design prevents oil from returning back to the system.
  • The intake filter can prevent foreign matter from entering into the pump chamber and the exhaust fitting separates oil vapour from the exhaust flow.
  • Aluminium oil housing, trestle and motor cover forms a rigid and light design.
  • Thermal protection of the motor makes the pump to run steadily and ensures safety.


UTGE-3552 Vacuum Gauge has (-100/0)  kPa scale range, 1,0 % of scale range accuracy and 1kPa graduation.

Vacuum Gauges are supplied complete with a valf, 4-way dispenser, muffler and ¼-8 oto-nipple.

Vacuum Pumps are  supplied complete with 3 m plastic tube (Ø8mm OD) and ¼-8 oto-nipple.

UTGE-3572  is supplied with 2 pcs. ¼-8mm oto nippel.

UTGE-3590  Water trompe/aspirator filter pump is supplied complete with 2m plastic tube, 1m rubber tube and 4 pcs. tube clamps.




UTGE-3590                                         UTGE 3550                                      UTGE 3552


  UTGE-3505 UTGE-3510 UTGE-3530
Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz


Flow Rate







1.8 2.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0
51 57 100 113 128 142


Pressure Total Pressure

2 Pa 2 Pa 2×10-1  Pa
150 micron 150 micron 15 micron

Motor (HP)

Intake Fitting Oil Capacity Dimensions Weight (approx.)

1/4 1/3 1/2
1/4″ Flare 1/4″ & 3/8″ Flare 1/4″ & 3/8″ Flare
250 ml 250 ml 325 ml
290x125x225 mm 320x125x235 mm 340x140x245 mm
6.5 kg 8.0 kg 10.5 kg


Water Baths

Product code


Water Bath 15 lt. Capacity


Water Bath 24 lt. Capacity


Water Bath 48 lt. Capacity


Water Bath 15 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit


Water Bath 24 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit


Water Bath 48 lt. Capacity with Cooler Unit


Cooler/Circulator Unit


UTGE Series Water Baths are used in various material testing analyses. 15 , 24  and 48 lt. tank capacity models are available and can be ordered with or without cooler units.

Some standards require conditioning temperatures from 25 to 60  °C. For example The EN 12697-23 covering the determination of  the strength of bituminous mixtures, prescribe a water conditioning temperature of 5°C or from 5 to 25°C which are obtainable with a cooling system. Water bath are used for asphalt (marshall, bitumen testing), cement (curing on conditioning) applications.

Internal surfaces are polished stainless steel with a sheet steel insulated outercase. The cooler unit is located under the water bath. Complete with re-circulating unit for temperature uniformity.

UTGE-4110 Cooler / Circulator Unit has a temperature range from 4°C to ambient temperature (±0.5°C).


Models for 220-240V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.








Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph.









Product Code

Internal Dimensions

External Dimensions

Weight (approx.)



320x300x170 mm

520x370x325 mm

14 kg

for ambient to +90°C

Temperature distrubition 40°C± 1°C


505x300x170 mm

690x370x325 mm

17 kg


625x505x170 mm

820x580x325 mm

24 kg


320x300x170 mm


25 kg

+5°C  to +70°C

Temperature distrubition 20°C± 0,5°C


505x300x170 mm

780x420x625 mm

35 kg


625x505x170 mm

900x620x650 mm

45 kg


800x700x600 mm

85 kg


±0,5°C ( 4°C to ambient  temperature)


Laboratory Air Compressor

Product code


Laboratory Air Compressor 8 bar – 50 L, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph


Laboratory Air Compressor 10 bar – 100 L, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1 ph




The UTGE-3700 is supplied complete with;

  • Air Gun
  • Hose


Air Gun-Hose


  Voltage Dimensions Weight (approx)
UTGE-3705 220-240 V 50-60 Hz 600x300x600 mm 40 kg
UTGE-3710 * 220-240 V 50-60 Hz 1460x470x860 mm 140 kg

*110 V 60 Hz should be mentioned on order if required


  Motor Power Tank Capacity Air Suction Capacity

Max. Working


UTGE-3705 2 HP 50 L 192 L/min 8 bar
UTGE-3710 2 HP 100 L 250 L/min 10 bar

Hydraulic Hand Pump

Product code


Hydraulic Hand Pump, 700 bar


Hydraulic hand pump with two-speed pressure build up in aluminium design. Supplied complete with metal support base. Pump lever with lock serves as handle. It has internal pressure relief valve for overload protection and connection thread 3/8” NPT. Pressure gage and hydraulic hose with quick release coupling (UTGP-1144) and should be ordered seperately.



160x700x310 mm

Weight (approx.)

13 kg


Water Stills

Product code

UTGE-4200 Water Still 4 lt/h
UTGE-4210 Water Still 8 lt/h


Product Code Description Dimensions Weight
UTGE-4200 Water Still 4 lt/h Capacity, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz 260x260x610 mm 10 kg
UTGE-4210 Water Still 8 lt/h Capacity, 380 V 50 Hz 260x260x610 mm 16 kg

Utest Mobile Lab and Container Mounted

Product code


In many cases, the container laboratory is the first equipment on the job-site and a smart, efficient, well equipped unit is the best introduction for a contractor.

The UTEST Container Lab is designed for use on remote sites, enabling the routine testing of soils, concrete and asphalt to be carried out efficiently.
A wide range of accessories makes the laboratory completely independent and self-sufficient.

Panel-Van Mounted
Used where extreme mobility and manoeuvrability are requested.



Utest Container Mounted

Used for long term testing at one site, as well as road construction.





Overall Dimensions (l x w x h) 7000x3000x2600 mm
Area 21 m²
Weight (approx.) 2000 kg