Aggregate Testing Equipment

Aggregates are fundamental materials that are used in all areas of the construction industry such as concrete, mortars, bituminous mixtures, surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas, railway ballast, unbound and hydraulic bound mixtures in civil engineering works and road constructions, which comprise our modern world as buildings, highways, dams, railways etc. Thus, it is crucial to determine the properties of aggregates according to related EN, ASTM, AASTHO, & BS standards.

Large Capacity Sample Splitter

Product code


Large Capacity Sample Splitter



N 932-2; ASTM C702; BS 812:1, 1377:1, 1924:1

UTA-0320 Large Capacity Sample Splitter is used for splitting aggregate samples. Slot widths are adjustable from 12,5 mm to 100 mm and the splitter is equipped with 25 channels with a 20 lt. hopper capacity.

The Large Capacity Sample Splitter is supplied complete with;

  • Sample Collection Pan, 2 pcs.


Dimensions 370x810x1090 mm
Weight (approx.) 78 kg

Laboratory Type Crusher and Grinder

Product code

Laboratory Type Jaw Crusher, 380 V 50 Hz, 3ph
UTA-0365-C Laboratory Type Vibrating Disc Mill, 380 V 50 Hz, 3ph



UTA-0360 is used for crushing, UTA-0365 is used for grinding cement clinker, ceramics, basalt, chamotte, construction materials, alloys, coal, coke, feldspar, glass and various materials in the laboratory when smaller sample sizes are required for testing. Three models are available (see Technical Specifications) depending on different feed sizes, output grain sizes and capacity requirements.


 Product Code



Feed Size

100 mm

< 15 mm

Output Grain Size

< 500 μm  0-8 mm, adjustable

38 μm max. 10 μm


150 kg/h



482x1044x1015 mm

650x730x1150 mm

Weight (approx.)

250 kg

330 kg


4 HP

1,5 HP

(*) Dijital setting of grinding time from 0 up to 999 h or 999 min. or 999 seconds


Flakiness Index Sieve Sets BS

Product code


Grid Sieve Set (Flakiness Index Sieve Set EN)


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 2.5 mm


 Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 3.15 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 4 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 5 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 6.3 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 8 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 10 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 12.5 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 16 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 20 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 25 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 31.5 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 40 mm


Grid Sieve (Flakiness Index Sieve EN) 50 mm




  Aperture Weight Dimensions
UTA-0421 2.5 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0422 3.15 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0423 4 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0424 5 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0425 6.3 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0426 8 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0427 10 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0428 12.5 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0429 16 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0430 20 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0431 25 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0432 31.5 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0433 40 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm
UTA-0434 50 mm 3 kg 320x340x80 mm


Shape Index Caliper

Product code


Shape Index Caliper



EN 933-4; DIN 4226; CNR No.95; NLT 354


Shape Index Caliper is used for the determination of the shape factor of aggregates.

Measurement range is 200 mm and graduated with 0.05 mm increments.



170x470x50 mm

Weight (approx.)

1 kg


Sand Equivalent Test Sets

Product code

UTA-0500E Sand Equivalent Test Set, EN Model
UTA-0500A Sand Equivalent Test Set, ASTM Model

Sand Equivalent Measuring

Two Graduated Cylinder, EN


Sand Equivalent Measuring

Graduated Cylinder, ASTM


Moisture Content Tin

Sand Equivalent Measuring Tin with Lid,

Aluminium, Ø:55 mm x h:35 mm

UTA-0506 Sand Equivalent Siphon Assembly

Sand Equivalent Test Plunger Assembly


Sand Equivalent Weighted Foot Assembly, ASTM


Washing and Flocculating Solution

(Stock Solution), 1 lt


EN 933–8; ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176; UNI 8520–15; UNE 83131; CNR No. 27


The Sand Equivalent test set is used to determine the fines of aggregates. The test set is supplied with  4 transparent acrylic plastic measuring cylinders, siphon assembly (irrigator tube with valve, solid rubber stopper, siphon tube and hose, blow tube) 5 lt. plastic can, weighted foot assembly, measuring can, wide-mouth funnel, and ruler.

UTA-0515 Washing and Flocculating (Stock Solution) should be ordered seperately.


The Sand Equivalent Test Set is supplied complete with;

  • Transparent Graduated Acrylic Plastic Measuring Cylinder, 4 units for UTA-0500A
  • Transparent Acrylic Plastic Measuring Cylinder – 4 units for UTA-0500E
  • Siphon Assembly (Irrigator Tube with Valve, Solid Rubber Stopper, Siphon Tube and Hose, Blow Tube)
  • Plastic Can – 5 lt.
  • Weighted Foot Assembly
  • Measuring Tin
  • Wide-Mouth Funnel
  • Ruler
  • Special Carrying Case



380x500x120 mm

Weight (approx.)

4 kg

Sand Equivalent Shaker

Product code


Sand Equivalent Shaker with Safety Cover


Models for 220-240V 50 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0510-T
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0510-N
Models for 220-240V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0510-K



EN 933–8; ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176; UNI 7446


UTA-0510 Sand Equivalent Shaker is used for the uniform shaking of Sand Equivalent Measuring Cylinders, at a specified rate and stroke.

The shaker is supplied complete with a timer. The horizontal movement, cycle and shaking time can easily be adjusted on the shaker to comply with EN or ASTM standards.


Horizontal Movement

200 mm ± 10 mm (EN)

203.2 mm ± 1 mm (ASTM)


90 ± 3 / 30 sec. (EN)

175 ± 2 / min. (ASTM)



The Sand Equivalent Shaker is supplied complete with;

  • Safety Cover (conforming with CE directives)
  • Timer


Dimensions 350x800x440 mm
Weight (approx.) 50 kg
Power 200 W


Methylene Blue Test Set

Product code


Methylene Blue Test Set, 110-230V 50-60 Hz, 1ph


Type A Filter Paper for Methylene Blue Test, Ø:125 mm, 100 pcs/pack


Type B Filter Paper for Methylene Blue Test, Ø:125 mm, 100 pcs/pack


Type C Filter Paper for Methylene Blue Test, Ø:125 mm, 100 pcs/pack


Type A Methylene Blue Powder, 100 g


Type B Methylene Blue Powder, 100 g


Kaolinite, 500 gr



EN 933-9; NF P94-068; UNE 83 180; UNI 8520-15


The Test Set is used for determining the Methylene Blue value of 0/2 mm fraction in fine aggregates.

UTGC-0886 Type B methylene blue powder has a dye content ≥82 %(spectrophotometrically).

Filter paper, methylene blue powder and kaolinite should be ordered separately.


UTA–0531Y Ø:125 mm
UTA–0532 Ø:125 mm, 100 g/m2, 0.20 mm thickness, filtration speed 75s(DIN 53137), pore size 4μm.
UTA–0533 Ø:125 mm, Quantitive, ash free max. 0,007%, 95 g/m2, thickness nominal 0.210 μm, filtration speed 340s (Herzberg), pore size 8 μm.


Set Consists of

  • High Speed Agitator Motor, 400/600 r.p.m.
  • Stirring Propeller, Ø 70 mm 4 flanks
  • Glass Burette, 50 ml x 0.1 ml
  • Burette Holder and Stand
  • Glass Rod, Ø 8×300 mm
  • Plastic Beaker, 1000 ml



UTGC-0885Y         UTGC-0880                                 UTA-0531Y                                 UTA-0532


Dimensions 510x5870x270 mm
Weight (approx.) 13 kg


Los Angeles Abrasion / Fragmentation Machine

Product code

UTA–0600 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

with Soundproof Safety Cabinet


Los Angeles Abrasion Charges EN, 12 pcs.

UTA–0602A Los Angeles Abrasion Charges ASTM/AASHTO, 12 pcs.


Models for 220-240V 50 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0600-T UTC-0601-T
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0600-N UTC-0601-N
Models for 220-240V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0600-K UTC-0601-K



EN 1097-2, 12697-17, 13450; ASTM C131, C535; AASHTO T96


The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine is used for determination of the aggregates resistance to fragmentation. The machine consists of an electronic control unit and a rolled steel drum having an inside diameter of 711 mm and internal length of 508 mm. The drum is rotated at a speed of 31-33 r.p.m. The internal shelf provided with the machine confirms to ASTM, AASHTO and EN standards. The machine is equipped with an automatic counter, when the preset revolution count is reached, the machine will stop automatically. The drum is equipped with an interlock device which allows the operator to lock the drum into position for easy loading/unloading of the sample.

A steel tray is supplied with the machine for easy discharge of specimen and abrasive charges.

The standard model can be supplied with a safety/noise reduction cabinet. The cabinet is lined internally with soundproofing material to reduce sound level conforming to CE directives. The cabinet must be ordered with the Los Angeles machine if required, as the electronic control unit will be installed on the safety cabinet at the time of manufacture. The cabinet is equipped with an electric safety device which automatically stops the rotation of the drum when the door is opened, conforming to CE directives.


  • Abrasion balls and 1.6 mm, 10mm, 11.2mm (or 12.5mm), 14 mm sieves and guard sieves (2mm, 4mm and 6mm) acc. to EN standard
  • Abrasion balls, 1.7 mm( No.12) sieve and other sieves which chance depending the grain size acc. to ASTM and AASHTO standards, should be ordered separately.


The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine is supplied complete with;

  • Steel Tray


Control Panel                   Drum Position Lock with Safety Switch


  UTA-0600 UTA-0601
Dimensions 850x900x950 mm 1060x1100x1210 mm
Weight (approx.) 361 kg 528 kg
Power 800 W 800 W

Abrasion Testing Machine According to Böhme

Product code


Abrasion Testing Machine According to Böhme, 220-240 V 50 Hz, 1 ph

(60 Hz version is available upon request)

UTA-0616 Abrasive Sand, 50 kg pack for UTA-0615



EN 1338, 1339, 1340


UTA-0615 the Abrasion Testing Machine according to Böhme is used for determining the abrasion resistance of concrete and natural stone products used for internal or external paving.

The machine consists of a grinding wheel of approx. 750 mm diameter, a removable testing weight of 30 kg and a clamping device for the sample. The machine is equipped with an adjustable counter (30 ± 1 r.p.m.) and an automatic cut-off system which stops the machine after 22 rotations.

UTA-0616 Abrasive Sand should be ordered separately.



810x1460x1270 mm

Weigh (approx.)

210 kg


750 W

Micro-Deval Apparatus EN

Product code


Micro-Deval Apparatus, EN


Stainless Steel Drum, EN, Ø 200×154 mm ID for UTA-0620E


Stainless Steel Drum EN, Ø 200×400 mm ID for UTA-0620E


Micro-Deval Abrasion Charges, Stainless Steel, EN, Ø10 mm 20 kg Pack


Micro-Deval Abrasion Ball Set, BS, (3 pcs. balls)


Abrasive Steel Charges Collector


Models for 220-240V 50 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0620E-T
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0620E-N
Models for 220-240V 60 Hz, 1 ph. UTC-0620E-K



EN 1097-1, 13450


The Micro Deval Testing Machine is used to determine the resistance to wear of aggregates. Automatic digital counter allows machine to stop automatically at the preset number of revolutions.

Stainless steel drums are rotating at a speed of 100 ± 5 r.p.m.

The machine can accept up to 4 pcs. Ø 200×154 mm drums or 1 pcs. Ø 200×400 mm drums.

Stainless steel abrasion charges, Ø 200×400 mm steel drums, sieves (1,6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11,2 mm or 12,5 mm and 14,0 mm) and abrasive steel charges collector UTA-0626) – for railway ballast (1,6 mm, 8 mm, 31.5 mm, 40.0 mm and 50.0 mm sieves and should be ordered separately.


UTA-0620E Micro-Deval Apparatus is supplied complete with;

  • Stainless Steel Drum, EN, Ø 200×154 mm, 4 pcs.



Dimensions 450x1260x980 mm
Weight (approx.) 95 kg
Power 550 W



Bulk Density Measures

Product code


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 1 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 3 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 5 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 7 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 10 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 15 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 20 lt. EN


Density (Unit Weight) Measure 30 lt. EN



EN 1097–3, 12350-6


Density (Unit Weight) Measures are used to determine the weight per cubic meter of bulk or compacted agregates.

The Density Measures are manufactured from heavy duty steel complying with the related standard. Available in 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 lt capacity models to comply with the relevant standards. The measures are coated against corrosion.




Weight (approx.)


170x100x150 mm

2.8 kg


150x250x200 mm

3.7 kg


170x250x250 mm

5 kg


210x300x240 mm

6.3 kg


210x300x310 mm

7.7 kg


250x330x340 mm

10 kg


370x360x370 mm

12 kg


300x380x440 mm

20 kg

Sand Absorption (Abraham Cone) Sets

Product code


Sand Absorption (Abraham Cone) Set


Sand Absorption (Abraham) Cone


Tamping Rod Ø25 mm


EN 1097-6; BS 812-2; UNI 8520-13-16; ASTM C128; NLT 154; DIN 12039


The Sand Absorption Abraham Cone Set is used in determining the specific gravity and water absorption of fine aggregates smaller than 10 mm. The apparatus is manufactured from plated steel for protection against corrosion.

The cone dimensions are:upper diameter of 40 mm, lower diameter of 90 mm and 75 mm height, and the tamping rod has a 25 mm base diameter and approx. 340 g in weight.

The abrasion loss rate of aggregates is calculated after the specified number of revolutions stated in the relevant standard.



90x90x180 mm

Weight (approx.)

0,5 kg


Pyknometers (Bottle Type)

Product code


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 250 ml


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 500 ml


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 1000 ml


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 2000 ml


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 3000 ml


Pyknometer (Bottle Type) 5000 ml


Double Edged and Capillary Tubed Funnel




  Dimensions Weight (approx.)
UTGG-1600 Ø60×330 mm 0,30 kg
UTGG-1605 Ø80×360 mm 0,50 kg
UTGG-1610 Ø100×410 mm 0,60  kg
UTGG-1615 Ø130×450 mm 0,90 kg
UTGG-1620 Ø160×480 mm 1 kg
UTGG-1625 Ø180×510 mm 2 kg
UTGG-1630 Ø40×230 mm 0,10 kg

Magnesium Sulphate / Sodium Sulphate Test Water Bath

Product code


Magnesium Sulphate/Sodium

Sulphate Test Water Bath


Density Basket, Ø120 x 160 mm deep,

3,35 mm mesh, EN/ASTM


Container for Density Basket,  Ø160 x 200 mm deep, Aluminium, for UTW-1008, EN/ASTM


Density Basket, Ø230 x 260 mm deep,

4 mm stainless steel mesh,  EN


Container for Density Basket Ø270 x 300 mm deep, Aluminium, for UTW-1017, EN


Hydrometer 1100-1200 g/ml, ASTM


Hydrometer 1200-1300 g/ml, EN/ASTM


Sodium Sulphate, 1 kg, ASTM


Magnesium Sulphate, 1 kg, EN/ASTM


Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. UTA-0840
Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph. UTA-0840-N



EN 1367-2, 13450; ASTM C88; UNI 8520-10; UNE 7136


Magnesium Sulphate and Sodium Sulphate Tests are used for determining the soundness of aggregates when subjected toweathering action such as freezing and thawing in concrete or other applications. Only the specific products are listed above for the test. It should be noted that other equipment like ovens, sieves, balances etc. are also required to perform these tests.

Sodium Sulphate can be used instead of Magnesium Sulphate according to the ASTM standard. UTGG-2415 Hydrometer 1100-1200 g/ml is required for the test with Sodium Sulphate Test.

The temperature of test solution is automaticly adjusted to required temperature with a microprocessor type sensor placed in the water bath. The second sensor can be placed in the lever lid containers or stainless steel immersion container by user.The temperature data of water bath and the temperature test solution are displayed in real time on digital screen with 0.1°C resolution.

Homogenous temperature distribution can be obtain with water circulation pump that makes feedback.

Magnesium Sulfate / Sodium Sulfate Test Water Bath has (20±2) 0C accuracy and can be used as general purpose water bath that temperature is between 15-60 °C temperature

Supplied complete with the immersion container with the cover.

Density Baskets, Container for Density Basket, Hydrometer, Magnesium or Sodium Sulphate should be ordered seperately.


        UTW-1008                                       UTGH-1460


  Dimensions Weight
UTA-0840 550x750x950 mm 75 kg
Chamber of Bath 560x460x500 mm
UTW-1008 Ø160×200 mm 0,20 kg
UTGH-1460 Ø160×200 mm 0,50 kg
UTW-1017 Ø230×260 mm 0,80 kg
UTGH-1465 Ø280×300 mm 1 kg
UTGG-2415 20x20x330 mm 0,10 kg
UTGG-2420 20x20x330 mm 0,10 kg
Immersion Container 330x330x330 mm 4 kg


Freezing and Thawing Chamber for Slab Tests

Product code


Freezing and Thawing Chamber for Slab Tests 280 L


Freezing and Thawing Chamber for Slab Tests 500 L



Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph. UTD-1440 UTD-1442
Models for 110-120 V 60Hz, 1ph. UTD-1440-N UTD-1442-N



EN 1338, 1339, 1340, 1367-6, 13748-2; CEN/TS 12390-9 (Slab Test)


UTD-1440 and UTS-1442 are used for the determination of resistance to freezing and thawing of the construction materials.

The chambers are equipped with a user defined program including up to 16 steps. Time can be adjusted to 999 minutes for each step of the program. The temperature range of the cabinet is -30°C to +65°C.

The temperature is controlled by a sensor which can be immersed either into the sample, or into the water which the sample is placed into or into the salty water solution placed on the sample before starting the test. The calibration of the sensor is carried out using the user friendly menu.

The distribution of temperature in the cabinets are performed using an integral fan.

Free of charge Utest Software for transfering the data real-time to a computer is supplied complete with the cabinet and data can be monitored during the tests. Data can be converted to an excel report or to a graph.

The condenser of the cabinets are fitted with an air cooled hermetic cooler. The gas used for the cooler does not include CFC’s.

The control unit is electronic and equipped with digital display with 0.1°C temperature resolution. The accuracy of cabin temperature distribution lower than 2°C.

The user can preset the time and target temperature of each ramp and the number of each set by using the control unit.

UTD-1440 and UTD-1442 Freezing and Thawing Chambers are supplied complete with 3 pcs. displaceable shelves and a Utest software yazılım (USOFT-1440).


The control unit is electronic and equipped with digital display with 0.1°C temperature resolution.

The user can preset the time and target temperature of each ramp and the number of each set by using the control unit.


Product Code UTD-1440 UTD-1442
Internal Dimensions 460x480x1260 mm 702x807x2050 mm
External Dimensions 600x600x1900 mm 581x685x1500 mm
Weight (approx.) 100 kg 150 kg

Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath

Product code


Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath


Alkali Specimens Can, stainless steel, with an hanger which can hold 3 pcs. 25x25x285 mm specimens.


Two Gang Prism Shrinkage Mould,

25x25x285 mm


Steel Insert for ASTM C490, 12 pcs.


Reference Rod 295 mm Long with Convex Hemispherical End


Digital Length Comparator


Length Comparator with Heidenhain Length Measuring Sensor and Digital Readout Unit


Large Type Digital Length Comparator


Models for 220-240 V 50-60 Hz, 1ph.


Models for 110-120V 60 Hz, 1ph.




CANADA CSA-A23.2-25A; For Moulds: ASTM C227, C490, C1260


The Alkali Aggregate Reaction Bath is used to keep 25x25x285 mm samples in NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) or in any other solution at a specified temperature. The temperature can be adjusted between ambient to 80°C by using the digital controller.

The chamber of the bath is made of stainless steel and has a a capacity of 27 specimens (25x25x285 mm).  

UTA-0880 is supplied complete with 3 pcs. stainless steel alkali specimens cans (UTA-0882). Each can has a stainless steel hanger which can hold 3 pcs. 25x25x285 mm specimens. Additional alkali specimens cans should be ordered separately.

UTCM-0033 is used to determine the potential alkali reactivity of cement-aggregate combinations (mortar-bar method). This mould is also used for determining the length change of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete.

The test also requires UTCM-0200 or UTCM-0210 or UTC-1170 Length Comparators.

UTA-0880 Aggregate Reaction Bath can also be used as a general purpose water bath.



560x700x950 mm

Weight (approx.)

63 kg


2000 W